​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
Nelson Mandela
                              Pre-K 1 ( 1 year - 2 years old)


              Curriculum is based on individual growth of each child through social, emotional, cognitive, fine motor, language and self help.

                   As each child grows the development of the child changes .













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 Colorful Bird
                                      Pre-K 2/3  

 Curriculum is based on teaching the children social skills, fine motor skills, language, art, gross motor, cognitive and emotional skill.,                                                                        "hands on experiences"

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Pre-K 3

Our curriculum is designed to provide the child with skills that encourage self-assurance and problem solving capabilities.

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A Natural Girl

Pre-K 4/5

In our Pre-Kinder class children are at a higher level of learning, more time will be spent  in teacher directed activities, such as pre-reading skills, phonics, math, music, art, as well as other learning activities, which are set up within the classroom.

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Playing with Matches
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Back to School with Mask

     Pre-K 1 & Pre-K 2/3 

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 Pre-K 3

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 Pre - K 4

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